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Why do I have a white line across my teeth? - Quora.

Dec 12, 2017 · The sudden appearance of white gums around your teeth can make you worry a lot. The white patches or spots may appear on the external surface of the gum tissue. They might be a white coating or sores like ulcers. Occasionally, white spots may appear under the mucous membrane of. The White Lines on Your Teeth may be Fluorosis. Dental fluorosis is a condition that results from ingesting too much fluoride while the teeth are developing. Dental fluorosis is not a disease. It is a developmental disturbance. That means that it happens while the teeth are growing, but it will not require further treatment to stop it from spreading. White lines on teeth a number of factors can lead to the development of white spots on teeth. Sometimes these spots are caused by nutrition, genetics, or an excessive intake of fluoride, while other times they become evident after braces have been removed. Some children also develop white spots on their teeth as they are developing.

White ring around tooth at the gum. Althy posted: I was brushing this evening and I noticed that my tooth hurt, and there was a white ring around said tooth at the gum line. Anyone know what this could be?. MarkMHB responded: Dear Althy, It's difficult to infer just what the white ring might be, because there are several possibilities. Jan 25, 2008 · In tooth decay, the enamel is demineralized by acid produced by the bacteria there until it becomes so weak it cavitates you get a hole. This white band you can see is the area being.

Mar 16, 2017 · The white spots and patches on your gums might just be due to simple irritation. That could be due to a broken tooth or a chemical irritation, like teeth whitening treatment or smoking. Yeast Infection. While not incredibly common, yeast infections can occur in the mouth. This can leave white areas around the gums and the back of the throat. Do you have a hard white buildup on your teeth? Find out what it is and how to get rid of the hard white stuff. How to Get Rid of Loose Gum Flap Around the Wisdom Teeth Do you have a bit of loose gum flap around the wisdom teeth? A lot of people experience this after they have their wisdom teeth.

white horizontal band across front of teeth? Yahoo Answers.

Feb 13, 2012 · The white line to which you refer is technically referred to as the "linea alba", which not surprisingly translated from the latin literally means "white line". It is an area of "hyperkeratosis", or thickening of the surface tissue layers in the cheek lining, in response to. Oct 19, 2017 · White spots on your gums may form in patches, small spots, or lace-like webs. They may become thick or hard, and they may be uncomfortable or painful depending on the cause. Receding gums, making the teeth look larger – you may see some of the root; Pus, odour, or new spaces forming between the teeth; Dental symptom 2: White spots on teeth. Dental decay is essentially an infection in your tooth, which starts with the hard enamel dissolving in.

See your dentist: There are a number of things that can result in white lines on your gums, but regardless what the causes are, white lines on your gums can be a sign of a local gum disease or serious illness. You should see your dentist for evaluation and treatment if needed. It appears as a raised, white line running horizontally along the plane where the top and bottom teeth meet. This line is caused by friction and is comparable to a callus on the inside of your cheek. Adults are usually more prone to linea alba than children, and the condition is more common in. Jan 23, 2020 · Smokers may develop white lesions in the mouth. White gums are commonly caused by gingivitis, which can cause bad breath. Gingivitis develops from poor dental hygiene that permits bacteria to form between the teeth and at the gum line. To maintain. White hard line on my gums bottome teeth Hi With your qyery, it looks like hard deposits are called calculus as such these deposits are not good in maintaining the gingival or gum health.These are responsible for causing gingival inflammation leading to. No, it is not normal.

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